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Vision and Values

Mission Statment



Our vision is to nurture children in a healthy, safe, creative learning environment with life long values and wellbeing at the heart.

Our aim is to encourage children to develop a love of learning, independence, resilience and respect in partnership with parents/carers and the local community and to be active and responsible members of society.

Our belief is that every child can be what they want to be and there are no limits to their potential, they are encouraged to dream big and aim high.




Emberton school are committed to nurturing each and every child and developing a curiosity and love of learning.  We place a great emphasis on outdoor learning with a large field, forest school status and a school garden.  We believe that children should explore, take risks and solve problems and forest school gives them the opportunity to develop these skills outside of the classroom.  We believe that exploration, risk taking and problem solving are key to learning and these underpin our creative curriculum.





We provide a high quality, inclusive education based on values which responds to the needs of every child.


We provide a safe, secure nurturing environment that promotes high levels of well-being.


Through our creative curriculum and bright inviting learning environment we inspire children to become confident, independent individuals with lively enquiring minds and a thirst for learning.


Skilled, caring staff lead by example guiding children on their personal aspirational learning journeys through encouragement and support to work together happily and aim high.


Assemblies, times for reflection and teaching enhance opportunities for each child to develop understanding and respect for diversity in Britain and the wider world.


We work closely with parents/carers, Governors and our local community.  We place great value on our local environement and use this to enhance learning.


Inspiring Learners, Growing Together

  • Nurture happy, healthy children who love learning.
  • Create a collaborative learning culture across our schools, valuing what makes each unique whilst sharing best practises and an ambition for excellence.
  • Inspire every learner to be independent, happy, confident and to aim high through a safe, creative, innovative learning environment.
  • Develop a positive and supportive learning partnership based on trust and respect.
  • Instil life-long values, beliefs and behaviours in our pupils as ambassadors of the future.

Inspiring Learners, Growing Together