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Learning and the Curriculum

Our aim is to ensure that the curriculum at our school is creative, fun and is tailored to the needs and interests of our children and, where possible, links to our community.


We follow the EYFS framework for Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for Key Stage One.


As we are a small school, we see ourselves as one learning community and our curriculum is delivered through a themed, topic based approach to learning in order to motivate and enthuse the children. Our children are therefore taught through adult led groups and then have the opportunity to extend and apply that learning through independent, differentiated activities using both the indoor and outdoor learning environment.


Through our commitment to support learning according to need not just age, our children work across year groups and share and discuss their learning experiences.


The teaching and support team work closely to assess and observe all children and so that timely interventions and learning support can be given due to our good adult to child ratios. Children's progress is monitored regularly by the leadership team to ensure that all children are challenged to achieve and become the best they can be!