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The School Day


Doors open. Children hang coats up, put book bags and water bottles in basket and finally settle to  a morning activity. Children who travel to school by bus arrive. Bus children are always met by a member of staff.

8.55 am Children begin to gather on carpet ready for morning check in.
9.00 am Registration and prompt start of lessons
10.30 am Morning break for 15 minutes. Children are offered free fruit and vegetable snacks from the NHS Scheme.
12.00 pm

Lunch break. Children eat their hot lunch at the Institute. During this time the children are cared for by the Mid-Day Supervisors. Simple items of play equipment are provided (e.g. construction, balls, bean bags)  Year 2 take on the responsibility for distributing the equipment and checking it is all returned at the end of the session.

1.00 pm Afternoon lessons
3.00 pm The end of the day. Parents wait in the playground as children are individually handed over.