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PE Funding

Emberton School
 School Vision 
To ensure we promote and support the importance of a healthy lifestyle and place particular emphasis on the wellbeing of our students and how sport and activity impacts positively on all aspects of school life.
The targeted and strategic use of the Primary School Sport Funding will support us in achieving our vision.
The purpose of this funding is to ensure improvement in the quality of sport and PE provision for all children. (Department for Education, March 2013)
We will ensure that sport and PE provision addresses the needs of all of pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.
Primary School Sports funding will be allocated following a whole school needs analysis in order to address any (identified) areas of need, this funding may be used across particular classes, key stages or whole school at any time during the academic years 2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16.
The range of provision the Governors may consider making could include:
  • Group work with an experienced sports teacher, focussed on overcoming gaps in learning
  • Increased pupil participation in sports
Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided through:
  • Professional development courses
  • Working in partnership with a specialist PE teacher
  • Cover release for professional development
  • Quality assured CPD modules/materials
  • Specialist Sports teaching
  • Qualified Sports coaching
  • Sports competitions
  • After School sports clubs

The continued provision of additional government funding for PE and sport has enabled the school to provide a range of additional activities for PE this year. We have therefore chosen to provide pupils with opportunities to experience a range of new and different physical activities aimed at stimulating an interest in continuing physical activity into adulthood. We are also continuing with the provision of specialist PE teaching. This year, the teaching assistants will receive coaching to enable them to support the assessment observations needed by the teachers, and to better support the pupils in their activities.


The 2014-2015 allocation to this school is £7630 and is being spent in the following ways:

Specialist PE teacher £4000

Yoga                           £1568

Tennis                        £  570

Energy Club                £  998

Cyber coach                £ 100

Transport                   £ 200


The surplus remains unallocated to enable the flexibility to provide other activities, opportunities, training or specialist equipment or visits that will be sought during the year.


The funding for the last year was spent on specialist PE teaching and coaching for the teachers, transport to inter-schools events, new equipment and improvements to the school’s facilities and staffing for extracurricular activities.



The children have had access to high quality PE provision for a minimum of 2 hours per week and the opportunity to participate in our lunch time Energy Club. This has meant that the children have had a longer, more intensive session of sport which has resulted in their gross motor skills improving and an increased enjoyment in physical activity. The provision of the specialist PE teacher has resulted in improved confidence for the teaching staff and improved knowledge of pupils’ skills, needs and progress in PE. The opportunities for participation in competitive activities with larger groups of children have enabled the children to see and experience a wider range of activities and abilities amongst other pupils of their own age.