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May 2017 news

“Mummy I love you, Mummy I like you

Mummy you care for me

Mummy you tickle me

Mummy you look beautiful”

Jayden and the other children wrote lovely poems about their mums and read them out at our annual Mothers’ Day assembly. They also sang ““My mum’s one in a million!” and showed painted portraits of their mums, before presenting them with bunches of daffodils and cakes decorated with edible flowers. The following week’s Celebration Assembly had the parents scratching their heads when challenged to our special theme finale’s “Springtime Quiz” – could they ‘identify the willow tree from its twig’, ‘name 3 signs of Spring’ and ‘how long did it take the chicks to hatch’?

Even though we are small we continue to do our bit for good causes – on Red Nose Day we covered a large red nose with all our loose change in aid of Comic Relief and raised a tidy sum!

We love being outside at Emberton School. As the weather improves we’ve had great fun visiting our very own pond, where we’ve dipped our special nets into the water and so far, found damselfly larvae, pond snails and ramshorn snails with promise of lots more wildlife to come.  And in Forest Schools the enchanted clay owls are enjoying our newly planted woodland and the “disgusting sandwiches” we made for them!