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July 2017 news

“You are really offering a first rate start to your lucky students…very much to the credit to all the members of your team” said Milton Keynes Mayor David Hopkins when he visited our school before half term. The children were very excited to show him their learning from our “What A Good Idea!” theme, focussed on the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes, including a wonderful scale model showing instantly recognisable features and iconic buildings. The mayor was very interested to hear the children’s ideas for a futuristic city: “can we have flying buses?”, “more parks with swimming pools, slides and swings!”, “can we have an airport?”, “I’d like a house with flowers on top” – which of these ideas will come to fruition within the next 50 years?

We’ve now embarked on our “Magic Carpet Ride” and flew all the way to the historical town of St Albans, where we marvelled at the ancient and unusual clock tower before exploring the magnificent cathedral. For our Geography based theme, the children will be comparing this small historical town with the skyscraper skyline and other ultra-modern architecture of Dubai, and will no doubt soon be regaling us with their amazing discoveries.