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February 2017 news

Our classroom has been transformed into a beautiful rainforest for our new “What a Wonderful World!” theme. With real rainforest sounds in their ears and the occasional drips of water on their heads, the children had to find their way through tall trees and long grasses, creep through the trail of mini beasts and find their way to the explorers’ camouflaged campsite, where they found lots of activities to enjoy! Our young intrepid adventurers then scurried around the room with torches, binoculars and clipboards and were especially thrilled to come face to face with a talking and teaching tiger who loved to give friendly hugs!

To further inspire the children’s learning, we were delighted that Paul Taylor from Natural World Experience could bring along his menagerie of “mini beasts” for us to look, touch and hold. There were “tickly” stick insects, “hissing” cockroaches, “stinging” scorpions, “bumpy” bearded dragons, “squidgy” bullfrogs, “smooth” snakes and lots more. Afterwards the children were enthused to research and write adjective-filled descriptions of the animals they had seen.